Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens in the World In 2022

In many cultures worldwide, gardens are considered sacred realms and play significant roles in religion and people’s daily life. Given their importance and the considerable impact a beautiful garden has on your mood and well-being, it is no wonder that some places have taken gardens to a whole new level.

Although it would be near impossible to create these gardens at home, you can always take inspiration from them. If you need tips on how to create a perfect Summer garden, check out our article here.

Let’s look at our list of what we believe to be the most beautiful gardens worldwide.

10. Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S

Starting at number 10 is the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona has a vast collection of stunning arid-land plants.

It covers 140 acres and has more than 21,000 desert plants of 139 varied species. In addition, this garden has a collection of 139 unique species of garden plants.

Moreover, it contains 1,350 different types of cactus. The paved trails are well maintained, and the garden is well known for being a haven for wildlife, particularly butterflies during the warmer seasons.

Volunteers will guide you and explain the various plants in this unique garden during their daily exhibition events.

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world
Cacti in the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S

9. Claude Monet’s Garden, Giverny, Northern France

Claude Monet was a famous French artist who founded impressionist painting. His most famous artworks were often of nature in a landscape setting, including Bridge over a Pond of Water Lillies and Nymphéas (Waterlilies).

Monet’s obsession with nature is evident in his garden, located in the Giverny commune of Northern France. He lived in Giverny for 43 years, spending most of his time in his beautiful, huge garden when he wasn’t painting his latest masterpiece.

Monet and his family settled in Giverny in 1883, and he started designing the garden in 1890 when he was 50. After lots of hard work, he diverted the river near his house into an elegant pond garden.

He even designed a bridge over a pond filled with beautiful water lilies. This scene was, in fact, the inspiration for his painting, “Bridge over a Pond of Water Lillies.” 

The garden was classified as a national heritage site in 1976 and is run by the Monet Family Foundation.

After sustaining damage during the Second World War, the garden was fully restored to its original glory with thousands of beautiful flowers of various species.

Claude Monet's Garden, Giverny, Northern France is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world
Monet was a keen gardener.

8. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, U.S

Founded by Pierre S. du Pont, Longwood Gardens is located on a 1,077-acre piece of land in Pennsylvania, the U.S, in the Brandywine Creek Valley.

The land was claimed by the English and purchased by Quaker George Pierce in 1700 and today has more than 40 gardens and 4.5 acres of different greenhouses.

The spectacular park has more than 4,600 varied types of trees and plants. The trails around the gardens are well maintained and stretch more than 3 miles, offering you the best walking paths and easy access to explore the surrounding area.

Longwood focused on a “Core Collection” of plants to grow in the gardens and includes thousands of plant varieties and species. This collection includes:

  • Native Australian Plants
  • Orchids
  • South African Plants such as bulbous and tuberous species
  • Fern Collection
  • Holly Collection

The Gardens provide stunning scenery and participate in several initiatives aimed at educating the public about their history and looking after the gardens.

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, U.S
Longwood Gardens was bought in 1700 by Quaker George Pierce.

7. Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto, Italy

Scottish Captain Neil McEacharn converted this estate into one of the most beautiful gardens in the world when he decided to purchase the Italian land in 1931.

The botanical garden occupies up to 16 hectares and hosts more than 20,000 different varieties of plants. The garden has many beautiful areas, including the “Fontana Dei Putti” (fountain), the Herbarium, the Dahlia Garden, and the Mausoleum chapel.

But perhaps the most famous part of the gardens is the Terraced Gardens which consist of long walkways, making it easier for you to enjoy the garden’s beauty and colored flower beds with spectacular small waterfalls.

The Italian garden has several collections, including camellias, heathers, tulips, lotus, magnolias, etc. You do not need any fee to enter this beautiful garden, and the flowers usually bloom from autumn to spring.

Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto, Piedmont, Italy
Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto, Italy.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

There just had to be an English Garden in our top 10!

The elegant botanic gardens in the Kew District of London are now a World Heritage Site. The gardens occupy up to 326 acres of land and have more than 50,000 species of different plants.

Princess Augusta founded the gardens in 1759. Augusta was the mother of King Geroge III. Kew Gardens boasts several impressive features, including one of the largest Herbariums in the world with over 7 million specimens.

There are also several extravagant Greenhouses, such as the Davies Alpine House, Rock Gardens, and Japanese Landscapes. The greenhouses are home to a large variety of tropical rainforest plants and contain ten varied climatic zones that are monitored and controlled by computers.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London.

5. Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada

The Butchart Gardens is one of Canada’s most famous national historic sites. It occupies an area of 55 acres and has more than 900 bedding plant varieties. The gardens contain 26 greenhouses, and the grounds are kept up to their impeccable standards with 50 full-time gardeners.

Robert Butchart and his wife Jennie designed this beautiful garden after they decided to convert the quarry next to their family home.

It took them 12 years to fully design it. Today, the beautiful grounds consist of an Italian Garden, a Japanese Garden, and several Fountains, including The Ross Fountain and The Sturgeon Fountain. The settings are open all year-round and attract over a million visitors annually.

Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada
The gardens were built next to a Quarry.

4. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya City, Thailand

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is one of the famous tourist attraction sites in Pattaya City, Thailand.

Opening to the public in 1980, this spectacular conservation project occupies 500 acres and is home to more than 670 native plant species. It displays the country’s most beautiful collections of flowering plants in creative and innovative garden designs, making it truly unique.

With the 1.1km walkway, you can easily explore and watch the beautiful surroundings. Several plants such as palms, bonsai, orchids, cactuses, and ferns are beautifully spread across the garden.

The Garden is divided into several sections, including:

In addition, there is also a fishing pond, a car museum, and elephant shows for more fun. You can even enjoy cycling, boat paddling, or even elephant riding! 

Stunning Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya City, Thailand is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world
One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand.

3. Gardens of Château de Villandry, Indre-et-Loire, France

Three of the top ten gardens in this list are in France, as the country has successfully combined the beauty of a garden with its culture and artistic nature.

The Gardens of Château de Villandry are the spectacular gardens of a French Castle built during the Middle Ages and converted into a mansion during the 18th century.

The property contains six beautiful gardens that are divided into four different terraces. The terraces have several themes, including sun (Le Jardin Du Soleil), water (Jardin d’Eau), ornamental (Jardin d’Ornement), and a huge vegetable/herb garden (Le Potager Decoratif). 

The water garden is breathtaking as it has several lawn spaces, beautifully designed fountains, and an ornamental pond at the center. 

The lower terrace has an herb garden with various medicinal plants. The herbs are laid out in the shape of a circle to signify eternity.

Gardens of Château de Villandry, Indre-et-Loire in France is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world
Gardens of Château de Villandry, Indre-et-Loire, France.

2. Gardens of Versailles, France

Versailles has a significant cultural and historical importance in the history of France. It has been the home of the French royalty and the venue for several important historical events, including the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Louis XIV arranged for the gardens to be created in 1661, and the spectacular showpiece didn’t disappoint.

The Gardens of Versailles are one of the world’s most expensive and beautiful gardens. It spreads across 800 hectares of land with 300 hectares of forests. There are 600 fountains, 35 kilometers of canals, 372 statues, and many acres of flower beds.

These gardens genuinely are fit for royalty!

The Gardens of Versailles contain more than 210,000 flowering plants and 200,000 trees. It took up to 40 years to complete this garden.

As you walk through the grounds, wild cherry trees, oak trees, and ash trees are spread throughout. 

The Orangeries (below) are probably the most famous part of the gardens and contain a variety of trees that occupy up to 7.5 acres. 

The fountains provide amazing focal points to the garden. In addition, all the fountains feature huge statues making for an impressive display.

Gardens of Château de Villandry, Indre-et-Loire, France
Versailles has a huge historical significance.

1. Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their tulips, and Keukenhof has one of the most extravagant displays of tulips in the world.

Nicknamed the Garden of Europe, the famous flower display occupies 32 hectares of land, and over 7 million bulbs are planted annually.

The garden is one of the most famous gardens to visit and gets over 1 million visitors every year. But unfortunately, the popular destination is only open from late March to late May during the spring seasons when the gardens and tulips are at their best.

Although it is open for a limited time, the bright, vibrant colors combined with the unique layouts make Keukenhof one of the most memorable places you will ever go.

In addition to the Tulips, the are plenty of Narcissi, Bluebells, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and many other flowers. These additional flowers complement the star performers (Tulips) very well and make for a spectacular display.

You can explore the garden as you walk through the 15km paths. Moreover, you can even opt for boat riding to have more fun.

Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands is one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in the world

The Most Beautiful Gardens in The World – Final Thoughts

These gardens take a different approach to garden design, yet all have a distinct character and beauty that make them unique.

Whether your preference is for an organized garden display or a traditional cottage garden with lots of flowers, any garden lover will enjoy what these gardens offer.

What do you think of this Top 10 Most Beautiful Gardens article? Which garden is your favorite – let us know in the comments section below.

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